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When it comes to the improvement and development of your company, every employee is significant.

Finding, selecting and recruiting professionals and managers that contribute to the growth of your business, is an intense and time consuming process.

Adeba offers you a complete service in professional and executive search. As a reliable HR partner and the ambassador of your firm, we help you to identify, attract and assess the experts your company needs.

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Search Flow
Search Flow

A complete service in HR, from A to Z

Step by step we guide you through our effective recruitment and selection process:

1. RESEARCH (week 1)

To understand your specific needs and the way your company works, we want to learn about it. In this phase we listen carefully to your point of view. We set up an interview and make an analysis of your needs and expectations towards the future candidate. At the end of our meeting we give you a realistic time frame for the selection process.

2. SEARCH AND IDENTIFY (week 2 and 3)

In this phase we search and identify potential candidates. We consult our extensive network and we use our multi channel strategy.

Based on their resumes, we make a list of suitable candidates. If we placed a job advertisement for you, we will follow up all of the responses.

3. SCREENING (week 4 and 5)

After a first telephone screening, we meet the selected candidates for an interview. We take a closer look at their career paths and match their track records to the analysis of your needs and expectations. Based on these criteria we hold back the candidates with the skills and personalities that meet up with your requests.


4. PRESENTATION (week 6)

We introduce you to the selected candidates.

For every candidate you see we give you in advance:

  • their resume
  • our personal feedback on the candidate
  • a report on their education, experience and motivation

5. SELECTION (starting week 6)

Was the first meeting with the candidate a success? Then we ask him or her to take a personality test. The report of that analysis will be used as a guideline for the second interview. Is the outcome of that dialogue also positive? Then we guide both parties to the next and final step in the selection procedure: employment.


To succeed is a verb. Success needs work and commitment. In order to get you the highest possible rate in customer satisfaction, we will regularly evaluate the integration of the new employee. That way we can advise and assist you and the candidate where needed.

* the durations in the process are indicative


In need of a helping hand? Let us do your screenings

Your time is limited or you have insufficient manpower. Our consultants assist and support your human resources team by screening candidates and employees.

  • We handle the complete recruitment procedure.

  • We investigate internal promotions.
  • We provide a second opinion on selected candidates.

We offer you a variety of solutions in screening and selection.
Talk to one of our consultants, together we’ll find a reliable answer to your specific request.

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